Shipping policy and refunds/cancellations

Shipping policy

All of the products on this website are virtual and no physical material will be shipped out to the buyer. All material, Virtual websites and courses have a waiting period of 72 hours so the follow-up emails and messages could take anywhere from 72 hours to 7 days to reach you. We operate virtually and all communication will be via Email or via another platform which both you and the assigned web developer are comfortable using.


Refunds/ Cancellations

We understand that you can change your mind. We know that some of our packages might not be 100% relevant to you in your current need. The work on the projects will start after the initial payment of 50% upfront. 50% on delivery of the website.That is why we give you the freedom to ask for a partial refund of your package fee within 72 hours of course activation. If the cancellation requested by the customer within 24 hours of purchase, 100% of the package fee paid will be refunded. If the cancellation is done after 24 hours but before completion of 72 hours, 90% of the package fee will be deducted and the balance will be refunded to your account. If the cancellation is done by the customer after 72 hours and within 7 days of package purchase a 75% refund will be made. Note: If more than material has been sent to the buyer's email ID  and work has started on the project then cancellation will result in only 50 % of the fee being refunded (up to 2 weeks after date of purchase). If more than 2 weeks have elapsed from the package purchase no refund will be provided.


All of the services offered on this website are virtual so there is no physical material. Any refunds/ cancellations need to be initiated within the above-mentioned timelines from the purchase date. No cancellation or refund will be entertained after virtual material is sent out to the registered email ID and major work ha been done on the buyers website. Path To 99 Percentile offers no refunds or cancellation after the website creation or our other services have  started or midway through the completion of the project.